Robert Miller here.  I am 69 years old and live in Rowland Heights Calif. I have had pigeons for over 50 years.  When I started out I had show pigeons and liked West of Englands the best because they could fly, had good size muffs and would tumble. The show stuff lasted a couple years, and then came the Birmingham Rollers and I have been hooked on rollers ever since.

I belong to the San Gabriel Valley Spinners, SGVS

My Breeder are all in individual nesting pens so that I could properly manage the breeding and guarantee the pedigrees would be correct.

Two Breeding lofts with 16 individual nesting pens for a total of 32 individual nesting pens.

My Pensom base birds base birds I purchased from Gene Geigoldt that goes back to mostly Norwood birds.

My Miller line have a background from the best birds I ever flown from Gene Geigoldt that goes back to mostly Norwood birds, Martin Davidson pensom base birds, Ruby Roller line from Tony Chavarria, some Richard Apadoca and Phil Mandujano birds.

Gene Giegoldt is the NBRC Pedigree Historian on Roller Pigeons. Gene also has closest living breeders back to the “514” Penson Family. Gene has all the records (every year) of who the NBRC bands were sold too. Gene also has the largest collection Breeding records of Birmingham Rollers from all the masters in the hobby.

Roller Pigeons are one of the best hobbies going because you can do it at home and watch these amazing Birmingham Rollers roll from 15’ to over 50’.