If you would like to purchase some birds, please email me or call me at:

  • email:millerh2o@aol.com         please note next line
  • millerh2o(letter o ---not zero)@aol.com          
  • cell: 909/342-4427

 My 514 Line birds are the closest to PRC 03 514 that you can find, very fast 30' to 50' spinners.  All are 100% Pensom Base birds with Pedigrees on all birds banded with NBRC & Miller bands.

My Miller Line are breed more for competition at 20' to 40' spinners banded with Miller bands.

My Miller Birds are a combination of what I have cultivated for years just for competition.

Buy the best birds that you can afford to buy,  if you can get Pedigreed birds it is even better.

Look at as many birds as you can before getting a family of birds. It is best to stick to one or two different families, if you keep bringing different families in all the time it is a lot harder to control them and get what you want out of the breedings. Most breeders will tell you to try and stick to just one or two families of birds, that is great most of the time. The out crossing of a different family is only needed if you want to change something in the family, like more frequency or more depth or less depth in the roll or faster spinning birds. If you have two different families breed them together then you have you own out Family. With two families you need to keep the core birds pure so you can always fall back on them and have the out cross when you want.

I sell my birds for $100 to $200 each. 

Cell phone 909/342-4427, call between 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM or you most likely won’t get me.

USPS shipping days are Mondays or Tuesdays; you get a USPS Overnight tracking number to monitor your shipment.

I never ship birds on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or on a week with a Holiday attached.

USPS does not guarantee Overnight Delivery for Birds shipped, it could arrive the 2nd day. It is common for birds to be delivered in 2 days, rare 3 day deliveries happen but it has never been an issue, it all depends on the area they are going to be shipped too.

US Postal Service Overnight Delivery 1-2 Birds Includes Box $50.00

US Postal Service Overnight Delivery 3-4 Birds Includes Box $75.00

US Postal Service Overnight Delivery 5-6 Birds Includes Box $80.00

We Guarantee birds to be in good health only

We do not guarantee the sex of birds but will exchange any bird if shipped back within six months of the shipping date, we will be happy to replace any bird if not happy with the sex. Just return the bird in good health in the box you received it in and pay for shipping back to us. We will guarantee sex only on birds 6 months or older.