The Trigger Bird

The trigger bird is the bird that starts the roll or rolls first and the rest of the birds follow.  The trigger bird must also be a frequent rolling bird.   Most kits don’t have a trigger bird and that is OK because they do just as well without one.  Some tight families need the trigger bird.

Note that it may be 2 or 3 key birds doing all the triggers and not just 1 single bird.  Losing 2 or 3 key birds and your kit can easily go flat.

1.      The trigger bird always flies in the front of the kit and in the middle of the kit.

2.      The trigger bird must return straight back to the kit after a roll and go to the front of the kit.

3.      Normally the trigger bird is not a deep roller but one of your birds with less depth.

4.      A lot of kits work very well without a trigger bird and don’t have one

5.      Some kits do not perform as well without a trigger bird to follow.

6.      Other kits will get very stiff if they have a trigger bird and he gets taken out for some reason.

7.      A good trigger bird will make an average kit a good kit.

8.      A lot of flyers have a trigger bird in there kit and don’t know it.

9.      Most people don’t see it as important at all, and it is not as long as they don’t have one and lose it.

I have had some kits with a trigger birds that you can pick out pretty easy.  Most of my kits don’t have a trigger bird. The kits with a good trigger bird do a lot better.