The Right Type is always the Type you like to fly.  My A-Team has big birds and small birds. They all spin, the big birds & the small birds can produce nice donut holes. My medium size birds spin extremely fast and my with excellent depth and control.

The main thing to look for in birds is speed in the roll, big or small they must have the speed.  If the type looks right but doesn’t have the speed you can’t add it in.  Speed first then type second.

My medium size birds tend to have excellent control & roll 20 to 50 feet.  Gene Giegoldt is the NBRC historian and my main family of Pedigreed birds came from Gene.

Medium size birds are the  right type you should breed for because the average will spin faster.

The bird should have an apple feel in your hand. Not too big or too small. Orange/Yellow or Pearl eyes are the preference.

We should always try to get new people set up with the current trend of birds and fly a 20 bird Kit. I think all those famous birds in the past were flown with two or three other birds to keep them going and you scored the single bird, not in the 20 bird kit like today. Most fly today in an 11 or 20 bird kit. The club I belong to competes with the 20 bird kit.

New people in the sport don’t usually have the luxury of being able to have 2 or 3 different families of birds, so they should go for current style, smaller birds and try to fly a 20 bird kit.


There is always the exception in birds, some are culls and some are fantastic. Big birds roll fast, small birds roll fast.


Just keep good records and fly what you like to watch in the air.


Robert Miller

Fire Brewed Rollers